Punjab Sightseeing Package by Car, Bus

Punjab means the land of five rivers. A network of five rivers - the Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Chenab and Jhelum, irrigate this land and agriculture is the 'culture' of the state of Punjab. Known for its cuisine, culture and history, Punjab is visited by tourists who want to enjoy culture, ancient civilisation, spirituality and history.

The fertile land of farms and forts, Punjab has been aptly nicknamed the 'Smiling Soul of India' where you will always see smiles on the faces and joy in the hearts of the inhabitants who take pride in their religion and culture. Though the state does not have any significant adventure activity to offer, yet entertainment is guaranteed!

Places in Our Punjab Packages


Home of the glorious Golden Temple, the iconic city of Amritsar, portrays the heroic character of the Punjab. A day in this peaceful city starts with the spiritual prayers from Gurudwaras. The original name of first the ancient lake, then of the temple complex, and later the surrounding city, meaning "pool of ambrosial nectar."


Chandigarh, a union territory that is the capital of both Punjab as well as Haryana is a subtle and ideal definition of the word 'city'. In a culture that includes instances of both traditional Punjab as well as a modernity, Chandigarh is a pretty town resembling a morning dream which is sure to flatter you with